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Reality and Virtual Workshops.

This part of the site explains the Reality Check Workshop series. In these workshops you get face-to-face teaching and learn to work with other people in relationships that help you grow towards your goals and towards maturity (whatever that means for you) as a humanoid.

In a way the e-courses in other parts of this site are preparation for these meetings. The e-courses are like books were in the past, avenues for gaining certain kinds of experiences alone, only the virtual community on the web is a step between real face-to-face play/work and the imaginative world created in a book.

The virtual world created by books and web communities has major short-comings. First and foremost is that they protect you from the risks of intimacy and spontaneity of physical human relations because most of what happens is in your head, your imagination and your heart. The Reality Check Workshops offer you real connections with people with a similar heading. 

Some might say that the virtual connections of the web are cleaner and, if you like, purer, precisely because they are mental and emotional and lack the problems of physicality. But in the virtual world you can only show what you want to show of yourself whereas the games of personal development let you get to the blind spots. The blind spots are those aspects of yourself which come out unexpectedly, sneak around your self-deceptions and expose your heart at its most honest.

The games done in our virtual community are complimentary with the workshops done in real time.

 The e-courses prepare you for the Reality Check Workshops and after you go home help you integrate and share your experiences with those you love and develop relationship made during the workshops.


  • Face to face connection
  • Power, Trust, Intimacy - all developed.
  • New ways to enhance your already beautiful life.

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