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Tantra for Singles

Preparing for that magical relationship

A one day workshop.

The Aim: How can Tantra Help You Get the Relationship you want?

The Steps.

For anyone who is looking for a relationship Tantra can help. It also has a lot to offer people who a looking for peace without a relationship too. It lets you know first and foremost how to centre yourself when experience strong emotions such as love and desparation, then how to experience intimacy without losing your sense of integrity. Tantra offers ecstasy through marrying passion, power and wisdom. Tantra has two roles (as you would expect) in preparing for a relationship then in participating and enjoying it. These two are divided into various steps in a continuum.

  1. Preparation.
  2. Finding People.
  3. First Impressions
  4. Communication - A. At the Beginning B. Continuing through the relationship
  5. The Relationship
  6. Continuity
  7. Endings

1. Preparation.

Getting to know yourself, finding peace with your self, building self esteem; allowing and forgiving yourself your human frailties and your strengths. Magical friendships are central to both preparing yourself for balanced emotional sharing and to finding the right person

2. Finding People.

Considering who interests you and learning not to let your expectations stand the way of really meeting people structured openness.

3. First Impressions

The power of non-verbal communication, the interrconnection of thoughts, feelings and presence.

4 . Communication.

The languages of love and friendship, the art of listening including the changes in the process of time:
A . Beginning. First meetings are nerve racking for most though there are people for whom they are exciting and/or safe.

B. Continuing. Knowledge, complacency and short hand can make you feel special and intimate but can also cover over problems, avoid conflict and let distance sneak in the relationship.

5 . The Relationship.

Relationship is when you come together into something bigger than your individualities building a sense of shared identity with history, responsibilities, commitments, humour, love and destiny.

6 . Continuity.

Ways to maintain mutual integrity, managing conflict, power, status and destiny, keeping things interesting in and out of the bed-room.

G. Endings.

Though no one likes to think their relationship is going to end but the awareness of its possibility can keep you from getting complacent and help to avoid the more superficial version. The other reality is that in one way or another there will be an ending and awareness can clarify the choices available, can help manage your anxieties loss, rejection, and abandonment.


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