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Virtual Life Challenge

Thirty days online to a new life. This is serious. You will be asked hard questions about:

  • who you are,
  • what you want and
  • how you do things.

Key Benefits

  • Getting the Life You Want
  • Getting the Relationships You Want
  • Getting it all ethically by integrating your values with your actions.

You are in Charge.

Having lived life to the fullest the illegitimate guru is able talk deeply and profoundly on the widest range of subjects. You decide on the basis of your own experiences what works and what doesn't.

How it will work

 Each day, as with the other e-courses, you do a series of exercises in the morning then during the day you observe related principles and emotional forces through the day, then you'll bring it together in the evening. There'll be chatrooms and email lists you can use to share your process with others doing it or who've already done it.




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