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Reality Checks

We offer a number of courses through the internet and others which are Reality Checks - face to face workshops and one-on-one sessions. 

Except for the one day immersion, the e-courses will be integrated with your life. You do a session at the beginning of the day, including exercises - some physical and some internal. Then during the day you will be asked to observe yourself and your surroundings for the inner emotional and power dynamics and try various experiments with your behaviours, thoughts and feelings to learn to apply the principles you are learning.

Usually people tell you what the benefits of these kinds of courses might be but there's a problem - what you get from them is purely up to the marriage of you and your karma (even if you are experienced, please don't assume you know what this word means - you may not agree with our thoughts on it but it is important to think carefully about it as a concept.)

One Day Immersion

This is a one day experience you do at home with an internet session at the beginning and end of the day and a month later. It involves doing one single meditation technique for the whole day. It is the first and last of what we do. The techniques recommended are simple and repetitive and will ask for commitment and focus. The results and benefits will be unique to each person.


This course introduces the central archetypes and the experiences of Tantra - The Warrior, The Lover, and The Marriage. Each of the three days will be devoted to the principles represented by each character. 

  • The Warrior -conflict and power based on discipline,  conquest and fear.
  • The Lover - trust and power based on surrender, desire and seduction.
  • Marriage - how these two interact and staying differentiated yet connected, the wholistic integration of two apparently conflict approaches to life.


This is ten day process. It starts with a One Day Immersion followed by seven days, one each focused on the principles represented by the Chakras

Base: Survival - fear and background (including history).

Sex: Desire - Motivation and sex

Solar Plexus: Body - Identity and self-esteem.

Heart: Action - Love, hate, emotions, power.

Throat: Communication - Listening, connection, family, tribe including friends.

Head/Third Eye: Meaning - the Big Picture Consequences

Crown: Unpredictability - in the hands of the Goddesses.

These seven days are followed by an other One Day Immersion then a day of celebration with your friends - say preparing a meal and inviting them to join you.


Life Challenge - Online

Life Challenge - Online is a thirty day process which takes the work done through the previous courses and gives them depth through commitment and intensity. 

Reality Checks

Face to face is the best way to learn certain of the most esoteric aspects of any tradition. This is especially true with Tantra but preparation is also important and that's what the e-courses are. There is also work you should do specifically for the reality check workshops so as to intensify your experiences.




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