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Everyday Ecstasies Take Off.

The Everyday Ecstasies workshops are here. 

The Everyday Ecstasies Workshops are a new concept in sharing the spiritual journey, and achieving your dreams. We share our experiences as a group of experts. As the facilitator, I provide a forum for exploration of the inner life with the cooperative achievement of insight and clarity that will open the way for the relationships, work and passionate living we seek.  To understand the extraordinary ecstasies of the spirit possible to us, we start with the everyday ecstasies like success at work, love and friendship.

They are the crystallization of thirty years of spiritual journeying by Christopher Michaels. Having taught on and off for many years both here and in Los Angeles mostly by request, and as a result of an inner inspiration or drive to be of service to a much wider group of people than his massage and healing practice allowed. If I add another level of honesty I have avoided teaching because of my strong anarchistic tendencies; meaning I hate the idea of taking charge of a group of people when I believe so strongly believe in self determination, and that spirituality is a personal quest for freedom (in many different meanings) requiring no leaders or authorities. But the truth is there have been many guides who have helped me along the way and my inspiration to teach goes back to my childhood and it is time to do it in a serious and committed way. 

During the workshop we begin by building your awareness of your current life and relationships then we use a variety of games, exercises and techniques collected from different tradition but given coherence through Tantra, the way of the Lovers.

To do this we will do a Status Analysis based on the seven principles embodied in the chakras. We do the power, trust and communication profile parts of this during the Intro Night. We will be doing some games to intro the sensitivities, breathing, meditations and yoga empowering techniques which express Tantra's insights into our relationships and psychology. 

As you can see below the mind map/flow chart on sex below show how much of us is involved in this most intimate of communications. And why Tantra is so much more than just sacred sex.



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