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A New Concept in Personal Development.

Reality Check(tm) Workshops are here and the virtual courses are on the way.

The Tantric Warrior is a new concept for learning and sharing knowledge about the inner life, about understanding your self and applying it to achieving your goals. Our aim is to support the integration of moral, ethical and spiritual values into our modern lifestyle.

The Tantric Warrior System combines face to face workshops with multi-media courses and online community using the internet. It takes the esoteric approaches and techniques of Tantra and applies it to modern post-industrial city living.

You'll be able to go to the net either to do a self-guided course which will stand alone or be part of preparation for face to face workshops. The soon to be available Tantric Connection community will allow you to make contacts with the same spiritual values who may become mentors, allow you create virtual and/or real life study groups and/or find romance.

The general structure of the internet course will integrate with your daily life. Each day will involve the same structure. First thing in the morning you'll do some work at the computer - online - these will involve meditations and life analysis. At the end of the session then there will be pointers to a principle to be observed and applied through your daily activities. At the end of the day you'll sit down again at the computer and do some more life analysis and meditations based on your experiences through the day.



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