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The Circle.

Marrying East and West, Inner and Outer, Contemplation and Action.

A healing circle once a week or month depending on the demand in which all traditions of spirituality are welcome and expressed. Its structure will be an hour of shared silence, a social break, then an hour of discussion circle on a topic, followed by whatever period of individual and group sharing of healing.

The Hour of Silence.

This hour will be an unguided sharing of quietude. The idea will be to sit in an attitude of active listening to the flow of inner life, to the whispers of the light or spirit, of mindfulness or you can practice whatever feels appropriate for your experience, needs and wants. During this hour anyone can stand up and deliver any succinct spontaneous message (no essays or lectures please) they feel is important to share from their experience of the silence.

The Hour of Discussion.

This will be led by a chair whose job will be to balance the flow of conversation and sharing so that all may have their say. The topics will be chosen by the previous gathering. They will be general enough for everyone to join in but deep enough that people can learn from each others’ experiences. Occasionally someone may give an introductory talk of ten minutes to get things going. Sample topics: “The Core values of spirituality and religion are…?”, “Energy, Chi, Ki, Prana are…?”, “The Sources of Evil are…?”, “Science’s role in society and spirituality should be…?”, “The Connections between Sex and Spirituality are…?” &etc.

The Healing Circle.

In this period people will share their experience and knowledge of healing as equals. More experienced people will pass on their knowledge to the less experienced one on one or to small groups of interested. People will heal each other, and share their different traditions. The egalitarian principles mean that the focus is on the intimacy and gentleness of mutual apprenticeship as a teaching mode rather than lecturing, because it does not allow direct connection specifically does not allow listening and responsiveness.

Donation and contacts:

You know your situation, you also know venues, promotion and organisation take time, energy and money so donate what you feel the continuation of this experience means.

For information call: Christopher Michaels on 0412 194 238

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