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Reality Check(tm) Timetable

Through the coming year we will be teaching a workshop every month in different subject areas.


Date Workshop name Subject Costs
third Sunday of the month The Circle A healing circle once month to start with depending on the demand in which all traditions of spirituality are welcome and expressed. Its structure will be an hour of shared silence, a social break, then an hour of discussion circle on a topic, followed by whatever period of individual and group shared of healing. Donation
10th Sept., 2005 Tantra For Singles Prepare for a magical relationship. All relationships start from the inside. $180 for singles $100 for each friend
22 Oct., 2005 Anatomy of Ecstasy. Intro. to the Foundations of Tantra $180 solo and $100 for each friend
5th Nov., 2005 Tantra For Singles Prepare for a magical relationship. All relationships start from the inside. $180 for singles $100 for each friend
17-20 Nov., 2005 Mind Body Spirit Festival We'll be there one way or another. Check their Website
26 nov., 2005 Everyday Ecstasies Application of the the principle of Esoteric Tantra to everyday life. $180/single bring friends for $100 each
10 Dec., 2005 Calendar of Celebration Set up your New Year early and be ready for the passion of the holidays

Holiday special - $100 each

21 Jan., 2006 Anatomy of Ecstasy Foundations of of Tantra $180/single bring friends for $100 each
4 Feb., 2006 Language of Touch -1 Exploring a new approach to touch as a language that communicates healing, effection, trust and communion not to mention sex of course. part 1 of 2 $180/single bring friends for $100 each
11 Feb., 2006 Language of Touch -2 Part 2 of the above workshop. this seesion will look into touch's role in self image, centering, mindfulnees and intuition. $180/single bring friends for $100 each
18 Feb., 2006 Tantra for a Queer World Celebrate Mardi Gras with the marriage of passion and spirituality $180/single bring friends for $100 eac
11 Mar, 2006 Tantra For Singles Prepare for a magical relationship. All relationships start from the inside. $180/single bring friends for $100 each
25 Mar., 2006 Transcendent Tantra What Is esoteric tantra really about as an experience in the modern world? Advance players only. $180/single bring friends for $100 each
    Stay tuned  
june-july., 2006 Travel To USA Workshops on the West Coast To be Announced... At least Two


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Workshop Index by Subject.

Personal Development

Anatomy of Ecstasy

Three weekend workshops introducing, developing and applying the principles of Tantra to the inner and outer life. "to understand extraordinary ecstasies we must start with Everyday Ecstasies" Relationship is the core of being and the passions are the source of all power.

Discounts available for Students, pensioners, unemployed.


Tantra For Singles

Tantra can help you prepare for finding the relationship you want based on your values and integrity. It then helps to deepen and strengthen the passion shared bring you together in the light..

The Challenge

A five day life challenge profoundly examining the way we live. 


Language of Touch Series

Language Of Touch 1 & 2

Touch is unique among senses it both the boundary, the centre and a gateway to the inner life. Our experience of it both in recieving and give delineates out sense of where we are and our relationship with our surrounding. A great work of art start with wahtever sense it directly addresses - vision, hear smell and or taste - but it greatness comes from it affect on feelings, on integrating the sense so that we are touched by it. It with taste is the most intimate of senses. Like all senses it has a language.

Intuitive Touch 1 & 2

This one day workshop introduces and develops the role of touch in our lives. You'll learn basic massage for friends, family and lovers. The power of touch in healing, body language, sales and other aspects of life.

Discounts available for Students, pensioners, unemployed.


Energy Healing 1 & 2

This series stands alone but also the other side of the knowledge introduced in the Intuitive Touch Series. It is based on both Western and Eastern traditions of Healing and Therapeutic touch.

Discounts available for Students, pensioners, unemployed.


Touch For Health 1, 2 & 3

This group of weekend workshops systematically integrates Chiropractic and acupressure techniques into a wholistic approach to health for the home. It uses Kineisiology for diagnosis and acupressure and touch-based nerve stimulation as therapy. This system is designed for both professional and non-professional people who want to help their friends and family live more comfortably - free of the pains and discomforts of the stress and lifestyle diseases of the city.

Discounts available for Students, pensioners, unemployed.


Relationship & Sex

Maithuna (Sacred Sex).

This is a series of workshops teaching traditional Tantric techniques to couples and singles (who are preparing for a Tantric Connection). 

Discounts available for Students, pensioners, unemployed.



Lateral Power

Power from creativity, understanding the larger realities of life and living up to your principles. Ethics are ultimately practical, the natural result of understanding big life. Lateral analysis is a process applying the principles of the chakras to the very practical realities of achieving ethical success through business and the arts.

Discounts available for Students, pensioners, unemployed.


Charisma and Leadership

Leadership is a particular kind of relationship very personal and very public. Charisma is its instrument, or technique. It is beyond management, and is unique to each person's personality, but it can be analysed in terms of emotional textures - intimidation, desire and trust.

Discounts available for Students, pensioners, unemployed.


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