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This list's meaning is obvious. 

On a personal or organizational level, what are your strengths and weakness. In your environment, what are the opportunities and threats.

You can do a general version of this for your personal life or for your organization, and so it is a great contribution to understanding. However, the most practical version is to do it in relation to a specific goal.

These two uses have different roles to play. The general version can be useful when you are feeling a little lost and are looking the next turn when your life is changing at a fast pace. It can help you develop a practical direction.

The goal-oriented version is part of the mapping process when you know where you are going. It allows you to get a clear sense of where you are starting from and what you'll need to get to the destination.

In both these cases you can lose focus and you can find the questions overwhelming. What are your strengths - can be massive. As is true of the other questions, they are very general and open. Even if you've done this kind of analysis of your life, work or business before, you'll find this form a useful outline for a new approach.

At the moment these pages are simply a listing of questions which are pointers to the kinds of things which are worth thinking about.

If you find that spending a long time examining your weaknesses is depressing then alternate. Take four A4 pages and alternate between each of the four categories - write a weakness then a strength, a threat and then an opportunity and so on.

When these pages are completed as forms then you'll get the opportunity to choose either method and choose which order you do them.







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