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Maithuna - Sacred Sex

marrying ecstasy and power

Today's Date -- How do we marry ecstasy and power?

We must start with our individuality, integrating our body, mind, and emotions, then bring our surrounding into accord with our values.

Firstly, we look at your life as it stands, and the blockages which keep you from you heart's desire.

Next, we must be clear about why we are living life in the way we are. Is it true to our heart's desire? Are the things we are doing in line with our personal values and taking us to where we want to end up by the shortest most direct route?

Then we must transform your relationship with your body, self. New sensations result from new experiences, new knowledge and new sources of power. Are we able to feel each moment and the connections we have with people around us totally involvement?

The fourth step is to act on your choices. To reach out to the important people around you in new ways. To exercise your power. 

The fifth step is to apply new sensitivities for mutual benefit. To learn to read your beloved (the other, whether workmates, friends, family or lovers), to listen with openness and honesty.

The penultimate step is to experience your place in the bigger picture of your life - the deeper meaning of the changes you are choosing.

And finally be open to the unpredictable and unexpected events which will take you into a new world, with new capacities, powers, that will see what you are transformed. To recognise and accept your limitations, allowing the world and those in it to become your allies and helpers. These steps are represented by the Chakras in this diagram. A the lovers are the way we put them into action. In Tantra the arts of love - Maithuna - are the symbol and practice we use. It's an alternative to the Warrior's way which uses battle as its metaphor. For more go to...

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