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Everyday Ecstasies

A Calendar of Celebration.

Next Workshop 19-21 sept...

Costs: Negotiable
Place: Newtown Wellness Centre

21/6/2003 -- Where is the ecstasy of everyday living? Lost in time, or more lost by time. Time, time, time.... where is it? Why does it keep slipping away? How come it seems like our greatest enemy? Understanding Time represents a practical understanding of the flow of life as a whole. It can be an expression of centring, of willpower, of choosing the ethics on which you base your life. 

A wise man once said "Life doesn't travel so fast if you're paying attention", (sometimes I like to think I'm wise... but mostly???) and he was right. What are the pressures in your life which keep you from the everyday ecstasies of life, however you define them? It is the begining of living your own way.

This will be what the first half of this weekend will be about. It will help you answer your questions in your own way, show that there are reasons to celebrate everyday and set up a plan to get you to the life you want.

Everyday Ecstasies is what you need to pay attention to if you want a full life, you do this by setting up a calendar of celebration. That is, you look at your year and choose the major celebrations which will signify the successes in your progress toward your goals, and allow you to keep perspective (this is what many people forget to do with their life planning).

The second half will be about the sensitivities which will help you strengthen your relationships so that they are part of the support system allowing you to share and fulfil your dreams. 

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