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22/3/02 -- Everyone thinks of Tantra as the ancient Indian religion and philosophy based on sacred sex but its most profound understandings are about the nature of desire, motivation and emotion. It provides insight into the nature of human identity which we in the West are only just catching up to.

The ideas of multi-culturalism and quality management are examples of new ideas which are in accord with the Tantric ideas of an identity based on Complex Relationship Identities. Complex relationship identities are like ideal marriages, which allow individual freedom and uniqueness. These approaches seek a larger identity which embraces it components, cells in you like, in an ever-changing interactive relationship.

In recent times, when people have looked to the East they have focussed on the Warrior teachings, like Sun Tsu, and in the process have missed the deeper more profound possibilities available. Whilst focussing on battle strategies they overlook the modern reality that no employee is going to be killed as a traitor if they disobey their generals or die if they are fail. When dealing with a highly professional self-motivated workforce seduction is the weapon of choice, not intimidation. 

This is where the esoteric teaching of Tantra has a role to play.

The Thoughtful Outsider marries the traditions of ancient Eastern thought with Modern business and post-modernist lateral analysis into a practical system for understanding relationships. Allowing you to manage the personal, business and public aspect of your life into order to achieve success through creativity, honesty and respect.

Sharply focused questions allow you to discover your own way though the jungle of life in the 21 century to achieving your dreams.

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