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Politics = Decision.

Politics is about decision-making. We usually think about it in terms of groups, but it is also about how we make decisions internally. Marketing has tried to make a science out of understanding our decision making processes, though is remains at best an art. It is corporate seduction. It is the tool traditional politicians use to get elected but then they turn to Economics as a primary input to their decision-making and as measure of their success. When a particular politician is said to be politically smart it is because they have an instinctive understanding of political dynamics.

Just as individual decisions coagulate into a history-based identity which we defend and support through further decisions so that decisions have their own momentum. Each decision we make involves competing sets of priorities. 

A simple decision to go to the movies is a great example. Do you go by yourself? If not who will you invite? How do decide who you will invite? Do you decide the movie first then pick the person or vice versa? These are just a few of the questions we ask and answer often by habit, or with seconds of consideration.  




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