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Language comes in many forms. There are languages for each of the senses and, if we include theatre and ritual, a number of them together. The methods by which we talk to ourselves are fundamental to how we respond to changing world around us, to how we create our relationships and to the ease with which we build success.

Once you have success, the life you want, what then? Many people work their whole lives to achieve strongly ached for dreams, then wonder what it was for. They were so focused on their vision for the future that they overlooked the present. Then, since the future was their primary source of meaning, when they are finally living those dreams they feel like the meaning is gone, because they never understood that the struggle to get to the end was the real source of their self-value. Without the struggle they feel lost, unreal.

Other people only know themselves by what other people think of them or by their past achievements. There are even some people who never stop talking about their failures and problems and without ever realizing using them as a source of strength and affect.

Finding meaning, learning to sit with the moment, discovering the joy in what you have rather than what you wish for and living with the courage to ride the wave of your own destiny.

What will you get.

  • Peace, the power of the gentle road.
  • The charisma of bringing all the energy which is going off into wishes and dreams, into the past or into the various problems you live with. 
  • Insight and conquest of the blockages which keep you from finally arriving at your destination.


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