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"If you do a job you love, you never work a day in your life." Anon.

"The perfect job is when you get someone to pay you to do what you would be willing to do for free." Anon.

"Life doesn't travel so fast if you pay attention." Christopher Michaels

"Life is what's going on while you are busy making other plans." j. Lennon.

"Mystery is an exciting place, full of potential... the real meaning of Nirvana." Christopher Michaels

Do any of these epitomize the way you're living? Is anyone in your workplace or among your friends doing it this way?

If you are happy with your life, how could it be improved? If you aren't what would make it better? Maybe happiness isn't the goal - maybe it is power, creativity and/or meaning... maybe it is to help others.

Whatever it is we usually know the answers, or at least some part of them. The real question is - why aren't you taking the steps to get where you want to be? And how can you map the route to get there?

After these questions, comes the question "what makes the thoughtful outsider different from all those out there offer the same stuff, or at least using similar hype?"


Relationships occur in the spaces between words and actions. When you meet someone for the first time what really makes the connection - we all ask the same questions: 

"hello, how are you?" 

"what do you do?" 

and we give the same answers almost every time.

 Some of us end up friends who will forgive all sorts of things done and said. Some end up lovers with no willingness to forgive. Other end up married forever and it works even though they'll say things to each other another couple would kill over. And some people we won't even say hello to, no matter how flashy the suit or dress.

We have lots of flashy suits and dresses, you just have to look at our CV to check them out, but whether we are the right people for you to use to help you weave your dreams into reality will be clear when we meet. 

Although, of course, we hope this web site will give some help in deciding.

Key Benefits

  • What have you done to day to get the life you want?
  • Is life everything you thought it could be?
  • Do you feel fulfilled?
  • Are you achieving greatness in your life?

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