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Most people who are given leadership position feel not up to it. Most people who seek leadership feel sure they are up to. In our society most people's beliefs about leadership are impersonal, in the sense that the leader is like a carpenter and his followers are like wood for him to shape into the team required for the task. Most training approaches for leadership are formulated around this paradigm offering tools which will help to structure the organisation.

Most of the people who work have the same complaint that their managers aren't leaders, they come back from workshops spouting new words without actually changing their behaviours - few managers "walk the talk". Even middle managers complain about their top management and act in the same way with their own teams.

Many of the latest approaches use eastern warrior traditions (like Sun Tsu) as inspiration, but their great flaw is that these systems focus on goal not process. They use the abovementioned tradesman paradigm, even though their are many deeper truth available.

The Warrior approach is an externalised strategy, it is about overcoming obstacles/enemies which you consider outside you and the team you are working with. The Tantric Traditions include these practices but most importantly it acknowledges that which is on the inside is different to that which is outside. Obvious, eh? Why do people then use techniques designed to build the strength required to cope with external attack to influence people who are allies, who are on the inside of your team? These approaches leave your team alienated, feeling manipulated.

Inclusiveness starts with the attitude at the foundation of action/behaviour. The warrior's attitude is not the hero's attitude. The hero knows when to be a warrior and when to be a lover. The hero has the flexibility and wisdom to rise to situation. Sometimes the vulnerability and trust required for love, for passion is harder than the strength needed for the battleground.

Do you understand how much choice you have over the way you influence others? Can you exercise that choice?

Do you know how to generate charisma so as to lead by example and seduction?

Do you know how your attitudes affect the people around you even when you don't say anything about it?

Key Benefits

  • Walk the talk
  • Engender ideas into action
  • Discover the subtle ways your attitude and inner life affect your surrounding in very pragmatic ways.


Leadership is where the hero leads by example. Leaders are the artists and poets of human relationship, they have a deeper ethic to their action and behaviours - strong awareness of the whole picture. Managers are the tradesmen, doing a job with technical ability, thinking they can manipulate the 

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