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There are basically two kinds of threats. 

Those coming from active competition from people and organisations which have similar aims or need to same resources. And then there are those which are passive blockages, like bumps in the road that may slow you down or break your axle and end the trip. 

Fear, History and Background

The complacency and discomfort which resists change - both in you, in your associates and family, and your customers.

Fear of starting because you are overwhelmed by what is involved in the project.

Fear of starting because the obstacles you may have to overcome.



Competing desires in your customers for all sorts of different things.

The influence of none decision-makers who may have a strong influence.


Body and Identity

Not finding the right people to get the job best possible job done.



Direct actions by your competitors seeking the same or similar goals.

Not knowing the limitations placed on your actions by the law.



The noise of colliding messages from too many sources.

Not being understood because you haven't listened to your audiences and they react against you, leading to political and legal ramifications.



Misunderstandings the meanings of the project by vested interests.

Not thinking through the affects on the social, economic, legal and ecological environments.



Unpredictable event can throw everything off.



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