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Seven aspect of an object, situation or system.One possible approach to use is based on seven dimensions or aspects of any situation, object or system. All of these elements are interactive and interdependent. The order is abitrary but based on convenience and for ease of logic.


General Principles

  • Environment. This represents the history, current background, the space occupied. In the planning process this would represent a Status Analysis. Follow the this link to apply these elements to the current state of your life or the corporation.

  • Motivation. This is its purpose for existence, the energy that fuels it. In a person it is the configuration of her or his drive to live and succeed. It represents the anatomy of desire. This would also include the planning process because of it importance in formulating and motivating action.

  • Body. This represents the physical anatomy of the system, its components. It also talks about the boundary of identity and how it is defined. For groups of people we would talk about who the members are, the rituals - like tests, prerequisites and/or paperwork - for joining. In the planning process this would be an evaluation the resources available and the people and systems that will use them. in a corporation it the directors and shareholders. 

  • Actions. This represents the actions of systems, people etc.   It is about relationships with the outside and outsiders who are closest to you - other people, objects and systems. In a corporation it is the production and sales processes. It is the employees. In an individual, it represents their lovers and enemies, those close enough to be touched.
  • Communication. Where the above is about actions this is about interaction. It is about your friends  and families, those who can understand you grunts. In corporations it is your customers.

  • Meaning. This is the wider affect on the  cultural, market and ecological or physical environment.  It is the relationships with government and nation. It is our relationship with language and thought. It is the predictable outcomes.

  • Unpredictable. This represents the unknown and the unpredictable. Those twists and turns which come out of the blue. There is a dimension of each of the above which is unknowable and so leads to unpredictable results and then there are the random changes of the fates which multiples things.

This last is fundamental because we, as individuals, and in groups (like corporations) we must find an emotional and physical centre which allows us to be ready for those moments when the unforeseen maybe dangerous. 

Personal Application



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