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Seeking opportunity is an ongoing process. It involves always exercising your creativity on all kinds of things which are everyday. Thinking about alternative ways to do things which maybe invisible because they're existence has become habitual. Mind experiments in which you consider why these thing are done the way they are done after coming up with a variety of strategies which might also do the same job.

To do this you can again use the categories we've been using throughout the site. There are different ways they can be applied. One is  to the development and realisation of the opportunity. Another is to the places you look for them. 

The first application goes like this. To seek opportunities you must first know the background, and find spaces which require new ideas, services and products. Ideas are great motivation. Then the idea needs to be give body, to be realised as a practical possibility. Then you come up with a plan of action for what you are going to do with the opportunity and act on it on making, producing it. Then you have to communicate with all the interested parties this includes selling it, as well as all the other stakeholders and communication isn't real unless you listen so you must get feedback. Then, there is its meaning in the larger world created by the context. And finally, of course you you never know everything that is going to happen during the process of creating the product or how it will affect things, like it becoming, unexpectedly, the inspiration for something world changing.

The other application mentioned here for building opportunity is to use lateral analysis to search your life and surroundings for opportunities. There are services and products which represent opportunities to be found in each category either in each stage of the development process or in each aspect of the planning process or of an organisation or person.

Background and History

If you look into your surroundings there are spaces spaces for services and products.

Helping people overcome their fears is a big source of ideas. Can increase people's feelings of safety?

Exciting people with their fears.

Property and the home are always important.



There is always need for creativity in motivating people.

There is a growing need for people to serve the comfort and emotional wants of people.

Checking on what people want and providing it.

Inspiring and fulfilling desires



There are always opportunities to do with health and body. 

There are opportunities in the processes by which things are produced.

Possibilities in structuring organisations.

House building.



Things which make life better, more efficient, saving time, money and material.

Doing things for people is another place to look.

Any services which help people improve their closest most intimate relationships, eg teaching Tantra, erotic relationships etc.



Communications services are very big in the current century.

New ways to apply communications products.

New ways to talk about different issues.

New ways to listen to people and customers.

People always interested developing their relationship and communication is the key.



The environment will be the biggest source of opportunity for the foreseeable future.

Ideas are central to current economy.

Seeing the big picture are important management services, statistical gathering and analysis, problem solving etc.



People are always looking for ways to cope with the unknown, the unpredictable and unexpected.

People are always looking for ways to deal with death.

Can you figure ways to predict and limit risks?



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