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To get strong motivation you need a solid background in order to choose the right people with emotional ownership of the project and clear measurable and achievable goals.

What are you hoping to get from the new direction? 

In general terms, what rewards and satisfactions would you like get from the process of going in this direction?

What are you expecting the short term affects will be on yourself and/or the organization?

Medium term affects?

Long term affects?

What kind of people do best in this type of business? Achievement-oriented, task-oriented, people-oriented, meaning-oriented, creative, self-motivated, self-leading, strong team orientation, confident, etc.

What kind of companies do well in this industry? Flat, flexible and small organizations with a lot of professional skills, eg lawyers. Flat, flexible organizations with low skill levels, eg corner shop. Flat, flexible and small organizations with a lot of professional skills with high creativity, eg advertising. Bureaucratic organizations with a lot of specialization and low customer contact. Bureaucratic organizations with a lot of specialization and high customer contact.

What kind of person are you? (If you are doing this for yourself)  

What kind of people work in your company? (generally)

From the point of view of your emotional qualities and personality, why do you think you'll excel in this industry?

From the point of view of your current relationships how will this project fit? Will it strengthen and develop them?

Can any of your current relationships help you achieve the goals?

Will you have to seek new relationships?

Will you have to end some relationships, including letting go some employees?

Can these relationships be restructure and renegotiate to help complete the new goals? yes or no


Choosing team leader.

What are the qualities she or he must have? People or achievement orientation person, problem-solving ability, creativity level, highly disciplined and intellectual or emotionally motivated, charismatic, decisive, independent.

What level of experience in the area?

Is she or he being picked primarily because she or he is loyal known quantity to the management?

What are the functions required in the team?

What are general qualities of other team members. Serious hard-working task-oriented, social fun creative people oriented, self-motivate independent operators, close-knit team-work

Setting Goals

For the sake of effectively motivating the team they should be part of the goal setting process. If the goals aren't owned by the team it will harder to motivate them. If you have done the preliminary research then you can choose the right team so that you and they can choose the right goal/mission.

The process of choosing the goals, vision or mission, and the intermediate objectives should reflect the way you want the team to achieve them.

If you are using the for your individual goals then you should include your lover/partner because they are part of you team. Firstly, they'll be affected by the amount of time and energy, physically and emotionally you put into achieving the goals. Secondly, if you include them they will be your cheer squad getting you through the hard times. This is also true if they are sharing their goals and you're supporting them.

In concrete measurable terms what are the goals of the project?

What is a realistic appraisal of the timeframe to achieve the goal?

How are you going the measure the goals? Money, knowledge, activities achieved.

Expected profit? short, medium and long term, total for the life of the project.

The mission/vision should say something about the ethical foundation of the work and the way you are going to go about getting to your destination. To have legitimacy the leader must be live up to the same standards set for everyone else. So, in 25 words or less, what is the quality you are aiming for in achieving the goals you've set?

Name seven immediate steps to your goals with reasonable deadlines. (Clearly one should be the completion of the planning process.)

What things to do with the relationships and morale, and therefore the effectiveness of the team, could happen which might effect the outcome? (evaluate the risk of these happening) Death of an important team member or a member of their family, someone becoming disenchanted and leaving, someone turning out to be dishonest, someone not pulling their weight, overwork causing burnout, someone in the team have a relationship break up, someone in the team having drug problems of other kinds of sickness, down-sizing in the parent company, a down turn in the economic fortunes of the company, a change in the general economic cycle. other...

Have you made allowances for these possibilities? yes or no

What can you do to prepare? The best preparation for these kinds of situations will be structural, i.e. having ways of ensuring that information is comprehensive and skills are honestly shared throughout the team. 

What don't you know about the team's operations that could affect the outcomes? 

Next comes the form, the body, the path to fulfilling your goals.



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