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Planning - Environment

These categories have specific application in the business process, no matter which of the management functions we are talking about - Planning, Developing, Leading or Controlling.

Planning involves evaluating current circumstances, setting goals and mapping the path between. You also must take into account the risks and obstacles which will slow or block you and allow for them.

Developing means gathering the resources, knowledge and people who can help you achieve your vision.

Leading is providing the emotion and practical impetus for the continuing motivation needed to keep everything on track.

Controlling is keeping everything on track by checking with the plans and mission, ensuring that the resources are being well used and going back to the start to adjust the plans to the changing situations in response to the unpredictable.

Planning is first and foremost complex problem-solving. In order to make goals and to want to achieve them in a through particular a business or job you must some background with the industry. You must cover all aspect of the business in the plan including what you don't know and can't.

So if we apply the seven categories to the planning process we will see how they are applicable to other parts of the function.


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