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This is where you make a map of the path between where you are - represented by the first chakra - and where you'd like to be - represented by the second Chakra. On the most intimate level it is about your relatinship with yourself and your body - what you know and don't know, what you are prepared to do or not do, how strong you are and who can help you along the way. On a business or corporate level it is the Production processes, resources required, expertise and training needed, equipment requirements, money management systems.

Training and Information.

What do you know about the production process? 

What don't you know about the production processes?  

Where can you get that information?

How long will it take to gather the required information?

How much will it cost? Consultancies, contractors, new employees, training and education.


What is the current general state of your finances? Especially focus on the important ratios which maybe effected by the new direction - debt to assets, assets to liabilities, income to production costs. Consult your accounts and accountants.

What resources will be required for this new direction?

What do you already have that can be applied to the project?

What's the cost of its use? (i.e. the cost of applying it to the new project rather than to its usual application.)

What will you need to acquire?  

What will it cost?

When will it be needed?

How long will it take to acquire? (From order to delivery)

Where will the money come from for the project?

What will it cost? (ie the cost of not applying to its usual function, or interest if debt, and how much you lose while getting things up and running, to profit stage.)

What will be the functional or authority structure of the team? 

What systems will be used to measure and track the production process?

What system will be used to track the money?

What are the kinds of things that can go wrong in the acquisition of resources?

What are your contingency plans should any of them happen?

Once you have the lie of the land, the sense of how to get to where you want to go you start the journey - take action!!!



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