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Plan of Action.

This is where the real test of your knowledge, approach, and self takes place. Taking action means you step out of your inner life and you meet the world and the world meets you. You get real. This Chakra is in a duality with the next - Communication. This is the cause and it is the affect and effect. Communication is listening to the way people respond to what you say and do - your actions. The more effectively you have done the first three step, the aligned you will behind your actions the more powerful and accurate they will be. This is your hands and arms meeting at your heart hugging and fighting the blockages and challenges. It is the ecstasy and agony of your real connections with the world in all their awesome complexity. The heart has two meaning in our society for men it means courage going forward overcoming all obstacles. For women it means compassion and sensitivity with strength. Both are here and real.

You can take action without consideration of consequences. Usually we do this when we feel overwhelmed, when faced with danger and or pain that requires us to treat every blockage as an enemy. It is the Warrior/Battlers' approach it says you feel weak and must martial every ounce of your resources to achieve your goals. You need to be tough. It can point to a lack of insight and preparation or to one of those unpredictable situations the world send us occasionally to test us. Action with sensitivity becomes communication and is a statement of strength, insight, centering and right preparation.



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