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The Tantric Warrior

This is an exciting new experience in personal development, life coaching and community in life and on the web. 

To achieve greatness you need a mirror which will allow you to see through your blind spots. Someone from a different angle whose honesty is dependable, whose questions will point you to new thoughts, points of view and who will challenge you to use rethink your pathway to fulfil, success, ie lateral analysis. You need a thoughtful outsider.

Unlike those people who use the study of the Eastern and/or Shamanic warrior traditions as their source of an outside perspective, we take our unique advantage comes from Tantra.

Tantra is the way of the Lovers. This site will demonstrate that just as the Warrior's path is about a lot more than fighting, so the Lovers' path is about much more than love-making, as this graphic demonstrates.

The Hero is when the Warrior and the Lover marry, within us. It is when you can act (the Warrior's province) with an awareness and knowledge of the larger complexity of life, work and nature (the Lover's knowledge).  Great leaders and statesmen/women, wonderful mothers and fathers, adventurous entrepreneurs, scientists and artists all embody Heroes.

Most men and women in one way or another want to be Heroes. Those who actively seek to achieve their own version of greatness whether it is as a business woman/man, a parent, a spiritually realised being or as a moral person usually think about being a Warrior. The arts and knowledge of the Lovers are equally, if not more, important. This site and its associated literature is an examination in a very practical way what the above sentence means.

The Lovers are an inclusive mythic archetype. Tantra is a passionate representation of the yin-yang philosophy. The Warriors are enemies, their goal is the defeat, death of, each other. The Lovers are equal and their goal is each other's fulfillment, and therefore life. In the Warrior's version of power it is achieved at the cost of others. The Lovers realize power is achieved together, through cooperation.

The Warrior focuses on achieving the bliss through conquest as a result of exercising their strengths, whatever they might be, overcoming obstacles, feeling the resistance of world against them. Opposition is to be overcome, it is the enemy. Anything that stands in the way of the goal as imagined, visualised, is the enemy.

For the Lovers on the other hand, bliss is achieved through exercising their strengths together. Obstacles, resistance, opposition, are all part of a larger picture to be embraced, part of the sensuality of the process. Goals are mutually developed and their achievement shared. 

The marriage of the Lovers represents a much more complex symbol than the warriors battleground. Marriage is love as an everyday experience, as part of your identity. The Warrior is empassioned and empowered by the battleground. The closeness of death narrows the perception and simplifies the world into winners and losers. Warriors must believe righteously in what they are doing, in the battle, Lovers feel and experience the complexity of situations which can sometimes lead to inaction from being overwhelmed.

This is where the Hero arises. The Hero can go to the battle when needed but can maintain respect for their enemy, appreciating that they too believe in their righteousness. Heroes are humble, avoid battle yet are capable and maintain their focus on why the battle must be fought - love, ie protecting those they love. Warriors love the battle and that's why they fight, Lovers avoid conflict going with the flow, sometimes allowing others, often Warriors, to set the agenda. 

Heroes are Lovers who can act, who can overcome obstacles.

Our Mission

To demonstrate the power of honesty, to engender new approaches to leadership, to support creative pathways to personal fulfillment. To weave dreams into reality with an awareness of their wider meanings in psychology, ecology, economy, culture and law. To show that ethical business is practical and profitable.

Essays and Articles

Background This is an essay explaining our approach to Tantra. In addition there is a collection of essays and articles which give you a background on various related topics: Definitions, Buddhism, Chakras... etc.

Charisma - how to do it. A look at acting and other techniques for generating glamour or charisma in public and private.

Lateral Contributions Essays offered for your perusal by readers and our authors.

Lateral Analysis Defined and applied through the planning process, including a Status analysis.



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