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How do you discover your destiny? 

Very often you don't. 

You allow it to discover you. It takes you along because your fears and ambitions blind you to the opportunities in your immediate surroundings. To really step up to taking your destiny into your own hands you must both look at the fears and blockages which stand in the way but also the desire and positive things which may be a problem.

You must also look at who you think you are, how you experience, manage and develop your relationships and the feelings associated with them. Including your enemies and the conflicts you come up against. Of course, the way you communicate both with yourself and those around you is important.

Also you must be clear about your ethical and moral standards and how your actions affect your life and those around you.

The unknown and unpredictable are central because as the saying about the plans of mice and men goes you can never be sure what will happen. If you find these unexpected events to be disorienting or treat them as blockages you will spend so much time trying to control events that you'll never really take the risk involved in real success however you define it.

This process won't tell what you should be doing, that would be telling you your destiny not allowing you to discover it for yourself. Here we are simply asking a whole lot of questions which may help to focus your mind and feelings on the forces at work within you which influence the way you decide your destiny on a day to day basis.

The Questions.


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