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History, Background and Fear

What did you want to be as a kid? (Just write the ones you remember.)

Is there a pattern?

Why did you want to be those people?

How have your ambitions since then changed?

Why have they changed?

Other than phobias to specific objects or animals, what are you most afraid of? Rejection, Failure, Success, Loneliness, Death, Old age, Looking foolish, Pain, Incapacity, The Unknown, Conflict, Other

How do these fears effect your choices in life?

Who or what keeps you from success, fulfillment, happiness? (how ever you define them)


Motivation - Desire

What are your current ambitions?

How do you measure success?

What is happiness?

What don't you have in your life that would make it complete?

What things do you do for free, or would like to have time to do?

What was the most satisfying thing you can remember doing in your childhood or teen years?

If you didn't have to worry about money and responsibilities what would you do?

Why aren't you doing it?

Are you putting any part-time energy toward doing it?

If not, why not?

If yes, how many hours a week are putting in?

What positive things do you get out of your current responsibilities and/or work load?

On average, how many hours of work do you do each week?

What motivates your current level of work?

What kinds of things do you spend time on away from work?

Do they make you happy?

If not, why not?

If yes, would you like to earn you living from them?

Do you think it is possible to?

If not, why not?

Why aren't you doing it?

Can you do something about those blockages this week? Complete this thought process then Go to Planning


Body and Identity

When making decisions do you generally choose: To explore as many options as possibly before deciding; Seek the safest, most secure path; Go with the flow of the other around you; Take the path of least resistant or conflict; Don't like to make plans just be spontaneous.

Generally, how do you feel about yourself?

What is the one thing that makes you special, or unique, in your own eyes?

What is the one thing that makes special, or unique in your friends' eyes?

What is the one thing that makes special, or unique in your own eyes? (Ask them, push them to give one thing.)

What skills do you have that you aren't using at work?

How did you develop them?

Do you feel in general appreciated at work?

Do you feel in general appreciated with your family?

Do you feel in general appreciated among your friends?

Are you happy at work?

Are you successful at work?

If you one but not the other, why?

Are you studying?

What is its purpose?

Do you enjoy studying?

Will it take you closer to your personal definition of a satisfying, happy life?



Action and Emotions - Love and Hate

What currently in your life brings you the greatest amount of enjoyment?

How do you feel when you are faced with a blockage to acting on your ambitions or desires?

How do you feel when there is conflict at work?

How do you feel when there is conflict at home?

You plan your actions: a lot, often, rarely


When considering major life changes who or what do you consider first?

How do you feel about people who disagree with you?

Do you decide who will be part of your life based on whether they agree?

How do you feel about people who point out possible problems you may encounter along the road to your ideal life?

Their opinions effect your decisions? Positively or Negatively.

Write a description of your ideal life? (Include things you don't think you'd get tired of, things that would be meaningful and who you'd like to share it with.)

Go to the Planning Section of this site and start planning your destiny.



What is your favourite medium of communication, art?

Are you good at listening?

Are you a good talker?

Do you like writing? Are you good at it?

What do you enjoy talking about?

Do you accept compliments easily and gracefully?

Talking about your feelings is: easy, comfortable, a source of anxiety, impossible, other.

What ever your answer, why is it so?

When you think about these problems which sense is most noticeable? sight, hearing, feeling

What are the tones of voice do you talk to yourself, or how big or small, in what colours do the problems seem to be, or how do you feel?



Who are the most important people in your life?

Do you worry about the affects your actions have on the people closest to you?

Do you worry about the affects your actions have on strangers?

What is the best way to summarize your moral values when deciding your actions? (eg do unto others, each to their own, only the strongest should survive)

When it comes to respect: People have to earn it, All people deserve it until they lose it, Everyone deserves it even when they've betray you in someway.

The environment is of central importance to all your thoughts and actions. Yes or no

Do you have an overall belief system (including religion, politics, value systems like humanism or liberal capitalism) that governs your life?

What are it's sources?

What is its central belief?

Are you living in accord with it,in away that leaves you feeling honest and fulfilled? 

What would a meaningful life look, sound and feel like to you?

Do you feel your current road is meaningful to you?


What could you do that would make it more meaningful to you?

By when could you start doing it?

Do you believe the world is essentially: good, bad, neutral or what you make it.

Life is meant to be happy. Yes No

What things in the world or life would need to change for you to be happy?

What can you do to be happier even if they didn't happen?


Unpredictability - Unknown and Unknowable

When faced with unexpected results, attitudes, or problems how do you feel?

How do you act?

Everything happens for a reason. True or False

What do you do to allow for or control the unknown or unexpected?

Do you believe everything is knowable if we just had enough time?

So what will you do in the meantime?



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