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From 1979 onto the present, mostly as a hobby, or as part of other functions, I have taught various aspects of personal development, spirituality and physical skills - Yoga, Martial Arts, Rebirthing, and Tantra.



Position - Taxi Driver, Writer, Teacher

Duties - Customer Service, Communicator, Driving, Knowledge of the Sydney,


Travel - United State of America and Europe

Writing - First Novel - "Tantric Warrior"

 Movie Script - "Strange Conflict"


Position - Bachelor of Arts - Cultural Studies

Institution - Macquarie University

Status - Completed

Writing - Book of Poetry - "Passions"


Aug' 1992 - April 1995 

POSITION - Security Officer Supervisor

DUTIES - Access control, Patrols, Supervising, Scheduling, Payroll

EMPLOYER - James Hardie Security

Bought out by Wormald Pty Ltd, first, and then by Chubb Security. All these happened in the years following leaving.




POSITION - Management Advance Certificate: Full-time student. (See Education)

INSTITUTION - Sydney Institute of Technology: Ultimo


Oct'1986 - July 1991. *

POSITION - Rental Property Manager

DUTIES - Negotiating rental contracts, Problem solving and conflict resolution with tenants, Supervision of maintenance, cleaning and security staff, Negotiation and Liaison with contractors, Writing and designing advertising, brochures and notices to tenants, Rent collection and books, Setting up computerization of various of these functions using WordPerfect, Lotus and Dbase III plus.

EMPLOYER - T.M.B. Associates.

ADDRESS - 3748 Keystone Av. #108, Los Angeles, Ca 90035.

CONTACT - Marian Fleischer.

PHONE - (310)

Oct'1986 - July 1991. *

POSITION - Business Manager,

Supervisor contract health and fitness professionals.

DUTIES - Staff scheduling. Evaluating and hiring new contractors. Designing and conducting in-service trainings. Designing and teaching classes in relaxation and stress management techniques, posture correction, yoga and martial arts. Marketing through newspaper and magazine advertising, TV Advertising and direct-mail; PR - article writing, public demonstrations, talks, seminars. Negotiation of contracts and liaison with health club management. Bookkeeping. Set up computerization of various functions - scheduling, bookkeeping, presentation materials, mailing lists &etc. Word-processing, Spreadsheets, Scheduling (Project Manager) and Database (Dbase).


EMPLOYER - Beverly Hills Health and Fitness.

ADDRESS - 8301 BEVERLY BLVD. Los Angeles, Ca. 90046. U.S.A..

CONTACT - Brian Straight

PHONE - (213) 658-6999

* I ran these two businesses in parallel for a period two and half years.


Oct'86 - June '88.

POSITION - Freelance Journalist.

DUTIES - Write articles for Restaurant Review Column, Arts Column, People of Interest Column, Small Business Advice & Interview column - Articles available

EMPLOYER - Conscious Connection, Whole Life Times - Free Papers for `New Age' community in Los Angeles.

CONTACT - Susan Levin (Editor/Publisher - Conscious Connection)

Ph. (213)

- Barry Coglin ( Former Editor - Whole Life Times)

Ph. (213)


July '83 - May '86.

POSITION - Craftsman Jeweler.

DUTIES - Self taught design and Manufacture of jewelry of all types using - lost wax casting, electroplating and smithing skills - mostly silver. Sales and marketing both wholesale and retail. I was involved in prototyping for mass production runs.






INSTITUTION - Macquarie University

COURSE - Bachelor of Arts - Media Studies

STATUS - Completed - Transcript available

July - Dec 1994. Full time Studies

INSTITUTION - Sydney Institute of Technology, Ultimo

COURSE - Associate Diploma Business - Management

STATUS - Completed - Transcript available

1993 - June 1994. Part-time Studies.

INSTITUTION - Sydney Institute of Technology, Ultimo

COURSE - Advance Certificate Public Relations

STATUS - Incomplete, Realized desire to focus on Film-making and Writing.

INSTITUTION - Sydney Adult Evening College

COURSES - 16mm Creative Film-Making, Movie production, Video Production, 8mm Film-making, Script-writing

STATUS - Completed - Transcript available


COURSES - Video Direction, Film Production and Production Design, Script-writing, Acting And Movement,

STATUS - Completed - Transcript available

Feb. - Nov. 1992. Full time Studies


COURSE - Management Advanced Certificate.

STATUS - Completed - Transcript available

June '90 - June '91. Part-time.

SCHOOL - Santa Monica College, Santa Monica, California.

COURSE - Business Management Diploma.

STATUS - Incomplete - Due to return to Australia, Transcript available

Nov' '90 - May '91. Part-time.

SCHOOL - International Touch for Health Association.

COURSE - Touch for Health Practitioners Course.

- Touch for Health Instructor's Diploma.

STATUS - Complete

Feb' 82 - Nov '82. Part-time.

SCHOOL - Sydney University.

COURSE - Personal interest, non-degree studies.

COURSE DESCRIPTION - Chinese Language and History.

1st Year Linguistics.

India Philosophy.

Feb' 80 - June 80.

SCHOOL - Southern School of Natural Therapies.

COURSE - Diploma of Massage Therapy.

COURSE DESCRIPTION - Professional level massage techniques.

Anatomy and Physiology.

Chinese Medicine Basics.

Business Practices.


SCHOOL - Randwick Boys High.

COURSE - School Certificate.


Tony Guyot.

Gordon Lingard.



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