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Creativity has a context. It has a language or medium. It has applicability, but it often arises out of apparently unrelated lateral ideas. It is a process of exploration, and often comes from alternative views of the same big picture which allow you to get new experiences of your mundane everyday world. It also takes courage and trust. Most of all creativity is fun, escapist yet seeking meaning... 

'the beginner's mind is 

open to possibilities.'

All these things can be nurtured, and even organised for. 

Key Benefits

  • Increased fun at work can enhance teamwork by relieving stress, leading to greater efficiency if managed the right way.
  • Stepping away from the standard ways of doing things can lead to new better ways to achieve your results.
  • For companies where creativity is central, then we have some new ways of helping bolster and energize the creativity approach.
  • Helping engender organisational structures which are more flexible and responsive.
  • On the personal side help you have a new more exciting and empowered experience of your life. Changing habits which block communication, openness and connection and therefore creative responsiveness. 

What do we do?

We operate in a unique way, connecting with the individuals and the group by doing both one on one and team evaluations which will offer an insight into the possibilities person to fulfil the potential. Then we help everyone get on with their success.

One to One.
Sessions to enhance communication and creativity. 
Lateral Analysis Training.
Lateral analysis for unique approaches to problem solving and change management.
Group Work.
Focusing on team dynamics, management systems breakdown, creativity support and leadership.

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