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Charisma Recipe

What is Charisma and Glamour?

Movie stars are supposed to have it. Great leaders use it. Spiritual teachers and saints are supposed to personify it. Glamour and charisma - two words used with little consideration of their meanings, most often interchangeably.

So what is charisma? Originally, the definition came from the Bible and related to the expressing, or "channelling", the holy spirit. But now it is associated with celebrities and leaders who are seen as talented and deserving of special notice. It is associated with confidence, charm, self-assuredness, naturalness, being the focus of attention, being energetic, enthusiastic, having sense of authority and knowledge, being comfortable expressing of ideas and feelings and/or physical expression - extroverted. There is still a sense of magic about it, that unexplainable something which makes everyone want a piece of the person with it. There is still an implication that being charismatic is a gift from nature or is a part of God-given talents of the genius. This is not true, learning it is a normal part of acting training (and the teachings of spiritual traditions).

What is glamour? It is an old pre-Christian magical term for a "charm" (a kind of hex or ritual) which creates an illusion about whom you appear to be. The illusion is to make you seem older, younger, taller, smaller, stronger, weaker, to have a different form to your real appearance. The way it is done is with your presence and attitudes as expressed through body language, dress and use of language. The actor’s art.

There are different kinds of charisma and different bases for it. If you watch different actors, leaders and teachers, you’ll notice that there are different qualities to their charisma or glamour. Actors doing different character roles are especially useful to watch. Here are some of the different ways you can engender charisma. As you’ll see, they are related.

The other aspect of the charisma is the shared myths of a culture. To get people to feel you are charismatic you have to convince them you fit into what they expect to a charismatic role. And so, there is an assumption in all societies who have contact with Western technology that people who are in the movies or have had their photograph published are charismatic. This remains generally true until you meet them, of course.

The Recipe for Charisma


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