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The Illegitimate Guru.

no tradition no history

no punctuation

just poetry

just experiment and experience

an urge to teach

an urge to be legitimated by your love your knowledge 

spiritual democracy

improvised living

power of love

power of conflict

insecurity a safe place

anarchy gives responsibility

spiritual totalitarians die 

political parasites suck them dry

the flower's yellow delicacy is blinding against the cracked concrete.

Me As An F.A.Q. List.

What is Your Name and History?

My Name... Christopher Michaels.

History... Born June 8th, 1958 - 2:35 am in Sydney Australia (for the Astrologers and numerologists).

Relationship with country... My home country is the Kamilaroi Country (the aboriginal area) in the north-western area of New South Wales the most populous state of Australia. My family joined the white invasion of that area about a 150 years ago. My home town was Pilliga. If you follow this link you'll get to read a poetic piece of travel writing that was inspired by a recent visit.

I have lived most of my adult life in the Eora or Tharawal Country, the original aboriginal names for the Sydney area in New South Wales, Australia. Although I also lived in Wurundjeri Country - Melbourne, Victoria - for a year, and  in Gumbaynggir Country - Bellingen, NSW (one of the hippy zones). I spent five years, from 1986 - 1991, in Chumash Country, California - the native American Tribal area occupied by Los Angeles.

Since the age of thirteen my curiosity and intuition has led me on a journey into a very practical experiential exploration the mystery traditions - from Christianity, into Martial arts, Buddhism, Taoism, Yoga and Tantra. I did and do, as leader and student, a variety of workshops, retreats, games and practices continually seeking and finding what makes us tick.

What Are The Goals And Approaches To Workshops?

I believe everyone who comes to my workshops are experts, experts in their own lives and in many other things. I create a space in a workshop where we can adventure together into the area I am knowledgeable in. The human psyche (mind, emotions and spirit) and body, the connection between these and our relationships in the broadest meaning. We explore ecstasy through fun. The Everyday Ecstasies of work and business success, friendship and good communication and the deeper more profound experiences of sex and spiritual practices of meditation etc. 

Our aims are to help you gain insight into the your most important relationships, to live a passionate life, so that you can fulfil your life goals in a way that enhances your integrity and every step will be a source strength and ecstasy.

So why should anyone listen to me as teacher?

I've experience a lot of life. I have been driven by a profound almost obsessive curiosity into what makes us tick since childhood. I've done all different types of retreats - several silent. Other retreats which come under the category of life challenges - poverty, celibacy, fasting, yoga, and some others that have special meaning for my own journey. I have spent a lot of time with yoga and martial arts, and have been teaching on and off for twenty years.

In recent times I have received a Bachelor of Arts, have written a novel that in some ways is a Tantric myth for the new millennium, a lot of poetry and articles some of which are on this site. I'm about to start a Masters at University of New South Wales. 

I call myself an illegitimate guru because I do not support or represent any tradition of Tantra, yoga, martial arts, spirituality or any mysticism. You are the source of trust and legitimacy. Your experience of what we do together decides how useful it is and what it means. 

I use the words and images of Tantra because they inspire me. The reality, practices, myths, metaphor and spirit of the lovers (one of whom is warrior) have been central to my eclectic journey for twenty years. They represent a very practical passionate expression of the principles symbolized in Taoism by the Yin-yang sign.


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