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Seven Senses

The Chakras

* These symbols - Yantras - for the Chakras are from Nik Douglasí web -

These are more than vortexes in the field of the body. However, the associations with the chakras are not absolute. Originally, Tantra had only four, now seven is standard, whilst Western Mysticism has ten. Even the glands are recent additions, for example, the first, second and third are still disputed.

* 1 Base: Survival. This is the foundation of life. It is the basis for drawing the boundaries of the self, as a body. It's the source and expression of personal power. Social connections are purely selfish. Emotion: Fear. Glands: Adrenals (disputed); The disciplines: Physical - Martial Arts; Social/Mental - Business, cleanses (kriyas). Relationship: Single celled animal. Element of ritual - Cultural, psychic, historic and physical Space and Background; Keyword: I need, no.

2 Sex: Reproduction - motivation and desire. Survival of the self/society via reproduction, the first layer of social connection, allowing others into your world. Opening your boundaries in a very controlled way, letting in the 'other'. Emotions: desire; Glands: Gonads; The disciplines: Physical - Tantra; Social/Mental - Reichian derived therapies like re-Birthing and Primal Therapy; Relationship: Gametes (sperm and eggs); Element of Ritual - Motivation; Keyword : I feel, I want, yes.

3 Solar Plexus: Ego/Self esteem. The ego/self/identity as a cultural construct, more than a body. This is where we reach for food as the first recognition of our separateness our individuality, survival at the cost the 'other'. The Beloved as allies or enemies, but nothing in between. Emotion: Anger; Glands: Spleen/Gall bladder; Disciplines: Physical - Chi Gung, Yoga; Social/Mental - focussing exercises, promise-keeping, developing the Will; Relationship: A Body; Ritual - The Goal; Keyword : I will, I am.

4 Heart: Relationships - Action. This is the true centre of Tantra, where we express ourselves through the action of the arms both hugging or wrestling, a caress or a hit. Everything below and above give our actions their strength, deciding their quality. This and the throat are the centres which interact with the world, this is the testing ground of our relationships. Emotions: Love and Hate; Glands: Thyroid; Disciplines: Physical - Pranayama; Social/Mental: Bhakti Yoga, intimate relationships, specific meditations; Relationship: Two Bodies embracing or in battle. Element of Ritual - energy, Actions that invoke or that result from that energy; Keyword: I love, I touch, I do.

5 Throat: Communication. The power of sound and tone. As families and friends in a tribe we learn to define ourselves as groups from other humans with special languages - jargon and pet words. Words at this level are gestures, eg 'hello' is a gesture of contact. Emotion: Filial piety, friendship; Glands: Thymus; Disciplines: Chanting, Listening, Negotiation; Relationship: The tribe or family; Element of Ritual: sounds and words which invoke and focus the ritual, Keyword : I say, I communicate.

6 Third Eye: Thought - Meaning. The source of meaning, cognition, thought. It is the patterns abstracted out of the flow of experience, it is the source and product of time/space. Words get their meaning and languages shape perception. Emotion: Doubt/insecurity, Sense of purpose; Glands: Pineal; Discipline: Meditation, Contemplation, Philosophy; Relationship: Nationhood, language connects total strangers; Elements of Ritual: the Cultural and physical environmental effects giving meaning, within and around us. Keywords : I think, I see, I know.

7 Crown: The Mysterious Lotus. This is the Boundless connection with the Beloved, whether he or she is a lover, god(dess), the universe or society. The desire of religio-political ideologues for total power to reshape the world is this impulse perverted. There are many experiences which lead to a feeling of total freedom, boundlessness, God, enlightenment, total knowledge. It is the Divine Chaotic Mystery acting in our lives. Appropriately there is controversy about physicality of this centre. Most suggest its gland is the Pituitary; Emotion: Ecstatic Boundlessness; Relationship: Connection to the universal; Element of Ritual: the unpredictable effects, the trickster; Keyword : I don't know, I trust.



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