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Chapter One

A hard man has lost his way.

A beautiful woman and a worthy enemy will take him beyond himself.

A Detective Discovers the Greatest Mystery is in His own Head

A novel about discovering a Tantric Warrior

The Tantric Warrior


Christopher Michaels


Every wretched man is cradled into verse by a wrong
He learns in his suffering what he sings in his song


Quotes from readers:

"A work of genius... just what I needed at that particular moment of my life - a story full of humour and insight..."  Gabi, (songwriter and musician)

"A bit hard to get into at the beginning, but well worth the read... In the end I really liked it." Robyn, (Business manager)

"It wrecked my life for nearly a week because I couldn't put it down... I didn't want to work... my wife isn't talking to me because I stopped listening to her while I was reading it..." Mick (computer genius)

"The ideas stuck with me when I wasn't reading it... It really made me think..." Kylie (Academic and office manager)

The Back Cover.

Sebastian Tombs is a modern warrior who believes he has it all together after years of obsessive spiritual development. He applies his sensitivities to and maintains his purity in the slimy violent underworld of the private detective: divorces, drugs, crime and runaways who don't want to be found. Then there is this case... it doesn't just test him, it reorganises him. His cynicism dies with his search for purity. His passions awaken as he discovers what's missing from the way of the warrior. He learns the complexities and subtleties of the way of the lovers. The case: a teenage boy has joined a cult, his parents are ugly but rich. The leader of the cult is not what he seems, and then there's Kali... Named after the Indian Goddess for the most powerful and destructive aspects of the feminine, she disarms him with kick to the nether regions at their first meeting, but by the end of the story she will be a source of liberation, enlightenment and a whole new perspective on love and life.

Chapter One


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