60 second scream

60 Second Scream

For Remembrance Day

A landscape of sienna skeletons and barbed wire

Tears at my flesh in the silence of sixty seconds

A trumpet enters my ears and my body screams

As electric charges trace a path across the abyss of history

Through stories that immerse me in a sea of bodies

Bound by youthful blood and the folly of a romance

That hides the agonies of loyalty

A bird’s call through the city’s drone

Draws me to a bush graveyard

Where the stones of memory are dissolving with the surrounding town

The last few ghosts of this dying icon fight back the weeds

Of invading fantasy when reality is a shell hiding by the seashore

A shot echoes through the cliffs of alien lands

Native blood spurts from the chest of righteousness

As children chase freedom through surrender to old men’s certainties

While uncertainty is one old man crying tears of rage

For his uninvited survival

The clouds of forgetting wipe away the trivial pleasures

That hid hands stained with the helpless struggle to hold back

The blood of history

The fingers of desperation toss the coins of fate

Until they fall on the eyes of parchment faces

A line of crosses build a wall of sad legitimacy around rosy dreams

That try to hide you from your fertiliser destiny

The children of empty wealth

Walk weighed down by the nostalgia for courage they can’t see in the mirror

As dates coalesce into ages squeezing the adequacy out of their bloody hearts

And wishful thinking opens them to the justification for warrior sacrifice

A middle aged man throws words of horror and grief

Out into the emptiness that lives and awaits